Temporary, architectural foam structures occupy the urban space - are producing irritating, but also dreamy, poetic images. Inspired by selected locations in Halle (Saale), we worked with few ressources to the conditions on site  and tried to make connections between architecture and amorphous mass. I worked with Anna Herbert, Paulina Gellert and Magdalene Neynaber. The project was sponsored by Festool, Electror and Sonett.

While biking, a solar panel produces electricity. A foamfluid (1% soy tenses, 19% eco-soap from our sponsor Sonett, 80% water) is pumped up in front of a fan and sprayed on a fabric through small nozzles. The fan blows air against the fabric, so that thousands of little soapbubbles are being produced.The foam emerges.
How can the transcient, white mass act in public space? We found two answers to this question. One aspect was to look for the direct contact with the people in the city and offer a spontaneous foam experience - strangers were playing and dancing together, inspired to explore. Looking for urban places, which could be filled with foam was our second approach. Transient, temporary foam formations connect with nature and architecture, dreamy and sometimes irritating pictures are emerging.
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